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Finding the right tennis match on TV

Sports programming plays a pivotal role in the daily life of TV operators and broadcasters as they face a constant demand for sports content by their customers. A broad range of sports is broadcasted on TV around the world depending on the specific country due to cultural preferences or the general magnitude of the sport itself.

User interface for the US Open, R.Nadal vs R. Federer. Sports Metadata, UX & UI concepts
User interface for the US Open, R.Nadal vs R. Federer


At Simply.TV, we represent the backbone of many TV operators in terms of robust metadata. We provide the most structured data in order for our customers to have the most customer-centric EPG, as well as high-quality images to optimize the UX and UI of our TV operators.

It is not a surprise that sports programming remains one of the premium areas in flow TV. As we have customers from all around the world, we ensure a wide array of sports with in-depth data in each respective sport.

Sports Images Metadata, Composite images for Nitto ATP Finals, MEDVEDEV vs THIEM

As the Nitto ATP Finals have just ended with the underdog Medvedev winning against Thiem (4-6, 7-6, 6-4), our Sports team has ensured that customized images have been created depending on who is playing in a specific game. In an individualistic sport like tennis, it is critical to have up-to-date images that reflect the specific game being broadcasted. This allows our customers to have a more captivating interface in order to compete with today’s leading streaming platforms such as DAZN.

User interface for Sports metadata - player profile for Rafael Nadal, including data fields such as age, weight, height, birthplace, residence, plays, coach and overall ranking.
Player profile for Rafael Nadal, UI


With 2020 coming to an end, here at Simply.TV we are already focusing on the beginning of 2021 with the Australian Open commencing already in mid-January. However, we do not believe in only providing high-quality images for the Grand Slams. Expect to also find customized images for the ATP and the WTA tournaments throughout the year in order to have the most complete tennis product in the current market. In the next few weeks, the Simply.TV team will be sharing more articles about the different sports they are working on in terms of concepts and data structure.

In the meantime, if this is music to your ears, then do not hesitate to follow Simply.TV on LinkedIn. Or reach out for a demo to me.

Big credits to Jonathan Pugerup and Shailesh Shinde for their amazing contributions to our tennis concept.


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