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Advanced metadata - the backbone of immersive Comic-Con themed universes

For those of us who just love everything about wizards, superheroes, and other characters, Comic-Con is an event we cannot miss. The date has been delayed, resulting in overbuilt enthusiasm and anticipatory excitement - fans all over the world were looking forward to June 23rd, and so were we. Why is Comic-Con important to Simply.TV? Deep diving into comics-related universes worked us into a frenzy of creative data building. From franchises to character profiles, and from keyword tagging to framing full-blown collections envisioned and designed by keyed-up editors turned into a massive amount of data structures ready to support immersive user journeys, customizable to your viewers’ demands.


How is Simply.TV’s Comic-Con universe unique? Driven by our no-limit culture, we take the constraints of our environment and turn them into opportunities to create disruptive data solutions. While severely limited by the pandemic, where social interaction is kept at a minimum, we decided to take on the challenge and reinvent how metadata can be experienced on your UI/UX - a way of navigating content that can transpose anyone into the Comic-Con world in a matter of seconds, without physical limitations, all powered by nimble data structures. Backed by market-leading technology, the Simply.TV editorial team went on a quest to establish a digital environment that resembles, and even exceeds the kind of experience a fan would get at the live event.

The three-step strategy to creating a universe to get your Comic-Con fans worked up

Overly simplified, the answer can be summed up as it follows: Franchises + Characters + Keywords = Jackpot! In reality, it is not only the depth and breadth of our data assets but also the leading-edge way of powering numberless options to create advanced, inspiring, and personalized interfaces.

The role Franchises play

The franchise space is linking countless internationally notorious, or local shows and movies. Want to highlight the top-tier Comic-Con franchises? No problem! Want to go local and create something unique? Or maybe you want to go full-nostalgia to soften the hearts of your Comic-Con veterans? No problem! All of that and more is possible in a matter of seconds. You have full control over your data display, in the utmost flexible way possible - powered by us, designed by you to give your viewers the experience they desire and deserve.

The role Characters play

The characters feature enables a multitude of creative content navigation modes, that can be personalized to meet your users’ viewership preferences. Do you want a more generic, but extensive superhero layout? Or maybe you want to customize navigation based on user profiling? Make sure your younger viewers get softer versions of the superhero landscape, or that your truest Star Wars fan smile instantly while clicking into Darth Vader’s mediography right from the beginning. Submerge your fans into fantastic worlds through the characters they admire most - with effortless, and virtually unlimited choices at your disposal.

The role Keywords play

Keywords are fundamental in building extensive, customizable, user-personalized collections, or content universes, oftentimes known as “content carousels”. What does it mean to your viewers? It translates into outstanding user journeys if designed and implemented wisely. Based on the principles of relevance, targetability, and flexibility, the Simply.TV keywords space is designed to accommodate all types of content, at all times, dictated by your needs, wants, or preferences.

See it with your own eyes, ask for a demo today!


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