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Movie metadata - header - Mortal Kombat

Advanced metadata for your next-generation TV platform

To keep up with the rapid platform development of Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video, we made it to our mission to enable every customer to realize their aspirations for UI/UX design. We call it high-impact data products. Your platform will get an edge compared to your in-market competition. Spanning across the most advanced keyword and descriptor space to fueling personalized recommendations and content carousels, over normalized sports data with beautiful team vs team images to popularity data from e.g. IMDb.

The roadmap of our customers is made our roadmap. Enjoy this section of already available next-generation UI/UX products - across linear and streaming.  All connected together with a global Simply ID.

Simply.TV innovations

Taking your interface to the next level is our ultimate commitment - be it by creating together, or providing you with our innovative products, we ensure you are always up-to-speed and ahead of competitors.

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Streaming Index


Simply ID

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Popularity Data


Social Data


Sports is a key driver for linear TV’s big packages and increasingly in streaming. As a TV operator, sports streaming service, or broadcaster, you can now finally create the seamless navigating and viewing experience that we only know from movie and series platforms. With a fully normalized ID space, your viewers will never miss a match again.

Simply.Tv structured sports metadata in a team vs team interface, sports player vs sports player, sport and sports team focus for better EPG UX

Keywords and Descriptors

Simply.TV offers the world’s deepest and broadest keyword and descriptor space. Every MVPD and streaming service want to build amazing universes, content carousels, and offer personalized recommendations. Tagging each piece of content opens new revenue streams when you can do personal and relevant recommendations and you can build a Netflix-like interface experience with your content and our keywords.

TV interface of kids universe containing content carousels based on personalized recommendations powered by metadata keywords

Streaming and OTT indexing

As streaming services continue to conquer the markets, the amount of content is increasing and so is the number of services to index. Simply.TV indexes and normalizes data from global, regional and national OTT services. With the world’s first fully scalable streaming indexation framework.

OTT services logos - Disney+, HBO Nordic, Viaplay, AppleTV+, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, HBO max
Streaming Index

Simply ID

Advanced Content Discovery requires highly structured datasets – every internal Simply.TV workflow is designed to ensure a fully universal ID space. All content points back to a Simply ID

Highly structured datasets- IMDB, Disney+, and other broadcasters
Simply ID

Popularity Data

Simply.TV enhances your data by linking content to an extensive spectrum of popularity and ranking sources. Your viewers will be getting access to market-leading content recommendations based on trending insights and popularity, as well as direct exposure to programs that are conveying general liking for an improved data consumption model.

TVOD suggestions from linear content to VOD or rental streaming services - Rotten Tomatoes, Common Sense Media, IMDb, TMDb, Metacritic
Popularity data

Social Data

With real-time social data from live-feeds and live-comments from actors, players, broadcasters, or content creators, a wealth of options of social engagement opens up. Engage your users with trending data for The Oscars, X-Factor, Champion League Final, National Game-Shows or political events such as National Elections.

TV Social Data - real-time social data from live-feeds and live-comments
Social Data


Simply.TV connects thousands of movies and TV shows together in franchises. Combined with Simply.TV’s keywords space, international and local franchises extend the classical interface navigation. You will have endless options to create advanced, inspirational, and personalized interfaces with accurate recommendations, e.g. by providing TVOD suggestions from linear content to VOD or rental streaming services.

UI - DC universe movie metadata

Character Universe

Next-generation TV interfaces provide multiple ways of navigating content, with visual character profiles. Simply.TV’s character data product lets your interface shine. Especially relevant for children or superhero universes.

Characters metadata
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