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Our journey to becoming a global metadata leader

Simply TV was founded by the two metadata veterans Morten Trolle and Daniel Rühmann. Whilst starting to index TV listings as a hobby project, Morten Trolle turned EPG Systems into a serious challenger in the European EPG and metadata space in the early 2010s. With its unique ingest automation, EPG Systems got acquired by Gracenote in 2013.

At Gracenote, Morten and Daniel successfully implemented various ingest automation processes while scaling the European organization from 20 to 100 employees in less than a year. When exiting Gracenote, Daniel moved on to head Content Discovery at Red Bee Media, while Morten took a break to think about what should happen next.

The constant inquiries out of frustration from old customers and partners made it clear that no existing metadata provider could keep up with the rapid changes in the TV industry that required improved quality to match Netflix, Disney+ and co., highest flexibility and reasonable pricing. Within a few years, we have built a team of talented metadata superheroes who support all of our happy customers across multiple segments day in and day out.

2014 - 2016

Management positions at

Gracenote, world-leader

2019 - present

Simply.TV founded to bridge the best of automation and editorial workflow





2010 - 2013

Build up and sale of

EPG Systems to Gracenote

2017 - 2019

Management positions at

Red Bee Media, European leader

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Daniel Ruhmann

Daniel is a passionate business builder and loves to compete. He got into the metadata industry in 2012 and assisted in the sale of EPG Systems to Gracenote. In Gracenote, Daniel led business development and product management between 2013-2016. From 2017 to 2019, he headed up Content Discovery at Red Bee Media (Ericsson). At Simply TV, Daniel oversees strategy, business development and sales.


Morten Trolle

Morten’s passion for TV is in the roots of his DNA. He founded Denmark’s largest TV guide which he turned into a successful B2B company in 2010: EPG Systems. Due to its leading ingest technology at that time, TMS (Tribune Media Services, now Gracenote) acquired EPG Systems in 2013. Morten headed Gracenote’s rapid European expansion and managed development projects from 2013-2016. In 2018, Morten started to develop what should be the foundation of Simply.TV.

Some of us



We are looking for amazing experts and outstanding leaders who know metadata and advanced discovery. Simply.TV is built on strong values around team-play, being open-minded, and always challenging the status quo.

If you want to join the most ambitious and disruptive metadata company in the world - this is your chance. Send a short email and we will get on a call.

Open positions

  • Sales Director, International Markets

  • Senior Client Manager

  • Operational Manager, Metadata

  • Machine Learning Engineer

  • Keywording Specialist

  • Sports Metadata Expert

  • Internship, Business Development

  • Internship, Engineering

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