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FIFA World Cup Qualifications

It felt like a long time ago when it was announced that the 2022 FIFA World Cup was going to take place in Qatar. There has been a lot of speculations and rumors regarding this specific World Cup due to the location, the period in which it is taking place, and the ethical issues that have raised regarding the construction (Amnesty International, 2016).


Sports metadata on FIFA World Cup 2022 match between Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina
FIFA World Cup Qatar

However, despite the different opinions people have regarding this tournament, the sports team at Simply.TV has been focusing on delivering the best-in-class images and robust metadata to various TV operators around the world in order for them to have a shining interface for the World Cup Qualifications that will commence this week.

At Simply.TV we don’t believe in boring and monotonous interfaces, which is why it is so important for us to create automatically generated images that enable our customers to benefit from a variety of colorful images with accurate team logos and in-depth metadata. It benefits us as well because we can offer such an asset to many TV operators worldwide without having to manually create each image, allowing our sports team to focus on perfecting our sports product.

Metadata editorial interface showcasing the match between England and San Marino - FIFA World Cup 2022 with various metadata of country, language, commentator, duration
Editorial interface showcasing various data

Our metadata regarding the FIFA qualification games as well as all the other competitions we cover is provided in different languages depending on our customer. We do not believe in language barriers, but rather in building bridges and fostering an international community with our stakeholders. That is one of the biggest values of our corporate culture here at Simply.TV.


We have to admit that the sports team is very excited about the start of the World Cup qualifications. There are many interesting games that will be played in the next couple of games and time will tell who will actually qualify for the actual World Cup. Will we see big teams disappoint us just like Italy did back in 2018 when they did not manage to qualify for the previous tournament? One thing is certain, in football, anything can happen, that is the beauty of the sport. So sit back, relax, turn on your TV, and enjoy our metadata!


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