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How inspiring TV metadata creates a competitive advantage in the kids’ learning space

Designing an interactive learning environment to support children’s understanding of complex topics is what any big player like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Viaplay, or Disney+ is aiming for. We love a challenge and so we decided to create a compelling learning space that supports children’s education in a way that is fun, interactive and targeted to their viewing preferences, age group, and gender - all under your control.


TV Metadata on kids educational content showcasing: Dino Dana, Bob the builder, Blue´s Clues & you, Andy´s minsta babydjur, Andy´s Safari adventures and Crafty kids club
Variation of kids educational shows

Our perspective of how the ideal learning environment should be designed relies on heavy research and a strong keywords foundation. We decided to create a learning space that has the ability to entertain and inform our young audience, whilst ensuring the satisfaction of their parents. So how did we use our technology to influence their learning?

We assessed a series of widely known platforms dedicated to kids’ learning: Curious World, National Geographic Kids, PBS Kids, and even Youtube Kids to understand what makes a great learning universe and how to make it even better. And so we did. Covering a wide range of topics, our kids’ learning keywords space caters to your needs by tackling the core learning areas of comprehension, creative play, critical thinking, listening skills, socio-emotional skills, outdoor play, and much more. What does this mean for you?

Kids educational tv metadata research on Curios World , Youtube Kids, Viaplay, Showcasing  tv viewing preferences, kids educational content categories, and age segmentation
Research sheet, March 2021 - Curious World, Youtube Kids, Viaplay

Having a large variety of fully customizable collections, you are now able to step ahead of the game by enhancing your interface with built-in universes to support your youngest audience’s needs. Forget about the cumbersome process of trying to hit the spot using recommendations and hoping that the content is strong enough to educate your viewers, or needing any third-party support to decide on what is watchable for your audience. Throughout the years, Common Sense Media has played a significant role in helping parents decide what to allow their kids to watch, that power is now in your hands.

User interface showcasing Kids educational tv metadata as content carousels on: everyday learning, arts and crafts, language and literacy
User interface showcasing kids learning collections


There is no doubt that the educational value of specific programs becomes incrementally more important when it comes to kids’ content. Simply.TV has the capacity to deliver you the best-in-class learning experiences. Opt for customizing, or use our already established collections to ensure that your youngest viewers are getting an unforgettable experience where they learn, play, and interact with the local and international shows or movies they love most.


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