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Valentine’s Day – in love with Advanced Metadata

Do you wonder how to generate additional revenue and create higher customer satisfaction with all the content you have acquired? At Simply.TV, we know that. Continue reading for our thoughts behind a Valentine’s Day Universe and how the UI and UX experience will benefit from an advanced set of high-impact metadata.

User interface showcasing the usage of tv metadata in creating better user experiences. Me before you, romantic drama from 2016, produced by New Line Cinema where the visible data fields are title, PNG title treatment, description, production year and genres
User interface showcasing Me Before You, New Line Cinema, 2016


With people practicing self-isolation in these corona-times, they have turned to their TVs for comfort - and the most advisable date night for a special occasion is with good company and a romantic movie.

In light of that, Simply.TV found the perfect opportunity to show you a sneak peek of the Valentine's Day Advanced Discovery product based on disruptive technology and sophisticated descriptive metadata.

Simply.TV Romance universe consists of a broad range of collections, for example:

  • Love in the Regency Era

  • Oscar-winning Love stories

  • Romance Classics

  • Teenage romance

UX/UI TV metadata showcasing collections based on keywords. Featured movies are: Her, Forest Gump, Titanic, Becoming Jane, Step up, Bridget Jones's diary, The Twilight Saga and a series of Marvel couples
User interface content rows on romantic movies & shows

With Valentine’s day coming up, a large number of romance movies are airing on TV channels and across streaming services such as Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video. Typically, a TV operator will group the content based on genres; and that leads to a lot of content under the Romance genre. That makes it difficult for users to find something that matches their mood or taste. The industry has been helped by recommendation engines that would suggest programs based on your previous choices, but that is only half a solution.

We have built cutting-edge technology and combined with excellent content experts, we are creating datasets with an unprecedented depth. As all of our datasets comes with the industry’s leading keyword space, it can immediately be used by whatever recommendation engine (e.g. from Xroad, ThinkAnalytics, Jinni, Spideo, or Vionlabs), but further to that our data comes with pre-defined sub-universes that makes it easier than ever to integrate with. We remove all the difficult business logic and let you make easy choices based on the users’ TV packages. The keyword and universe dataset enable TV operators (MVPDs) to design dedicated universes to special festive days for much-improved UI/UX joy.

So how do we do that? All programs come with editorially and AI-enhanced metadata: Outstanding imagery, tailored descriptions, character profiles, social data as well as keywords/descriptors. And to bind these data elements perfectly together, content across TV, OTT, and VOD catalogs are indexed for a unique and universal ID – if you are a TV operator, streaming service, or broadcaster, you know the importance of unique and stable IDs of your content.

Visual diagram showing the combination of keywords and genres that lead to thematic collections in the tv metadata space
The logic behind collections-building

At Simply.TV, the whole team is in love with metadata. We are looking much forward to celebrating Valentine’s Day and helping several handfuls of customers gaining the most out of the acquired content.


If your company also faces issues with the overload of content, we would love to help you to improve your UI and UX – it might sound too simple: But metadata solves a lot of challenges and can put you ahead of the competition – let us show you how.

Warm Valentine’s Greetings from the entire Simply.TV team.


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