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The 3 core advanced metadata elements to drive countless kids' TV universes

Whether it is educational content, enchanting stories of long-living knights and princesses, or family adventures, the Simply.TV kids’ universes are designed to set out magical journeys, all based on customizable, and fully flexible data sets. Our kids are our future, therefore the content they interact with does matter, and the way they interact with the content does matter. At Simply.TV, we believe in democratizing access to market-leading metadata, and designing kids universes is no different - we are bringing back the power to you, through localized content that allows you to personalize your interface to keep your viewers meaningfully engaged.


Our vision is that you should be able to create competitive interfaces when getting access to our data. We advocate for equal rights to market-leading interfaces, powered by strong, customized, and contextual metadata. And so, how do we do this? We believe that immersive kids-targeted user journeys that capture content with unprecedented accuracy are based on the following advanced metadata elements:

  1. Local and international keywords coverage

  2. Local and international character profiles

  3. Local and international kids collections

Editorial depth in keyword tagging Some providers would aim for breadth over depth in designing an excellent keywords space, we believe it should have both. The Simply.TV keywords space offers a far-reaching, and detailed collection of keywords that our editors constantly update and enhance. Not only do we provide an extensive list of keywords, but we also group and target very relevant ones to the programs tagged - so that comprehensive and meaningful universes can be built. What does this mean for a kids’ universe? Accurate recommendations, unlimited buildable universes, full customization of data sets, and user journeys just to name a few. Our keywords space is composed of:

  • Moods

  • Characteristics

  • Settings

  • Periods

  • Audiences

Kids metadata interface, showcasing Luca, Disney production 2021, where the description, genres, duration and production year are displayed

Editorial depth in character profiles

All major streaming services offer additional ways of navigating content, especially when it comes to kids’ content. You will now get access to extensive character data, that goes beyond a PNG image captured inside of a round shape. You get full character profiles including:

  • High-resolution PNG image

  • Full storyline coverage (local/international; independent/franchise)

  • Descriptions

  • Keywords (superpowers)

  • Friends with (associated characters)

  • Local AKAs (different language names)

Kids metadata interface showcasing character profiles for kids characters separated by content carousels in a PNG format

Kids metadata interface showcasing Elena of Avalor, where the description, title, keywords and related characters are displayed together with an episode guide

Kids metadata interface showing Elena of Avalor, Disney Production, where the duration, production year, genres, production country, description and episode guide are displayed.

Editorial depth and full-customization of our collections space

We are covering local and international, seasonal, and permanent collections. While focusing particularly on thematic and audience-targeted content, the Simply.TV collections space is deliberately designed to sustain both broad and targeted universes right at your fingertips - fully customizable, locally focused, and highly personalized. Some of the recurring themes captured within our collections space are:

  • Educational

  • Seasonal

  • Age-targeted

  • Genre-targeted

  • Family targeted

Kids metadata interface showcasing kids shows segmented in content carousels


And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Simply.TV metadata can do all of this and more - the beauty of our technology-driven solution is the unlimited possibility of personalization and customization. We are constantly challenging ourselves and the industry to reinvent how data is being produced, editorialized, and showcased on the different TV platforms. With the aim of creating universes beyond your youngest audience’s imagination, where they can now start off with their favorite character, or with a movie they love, or maybe they just want to wander around and discover new content that resonates with their needs by navigating through our themed-collections, we are inviting you to come and build with us - as disruptive creators, as thought leaders, as partners.

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