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People Franchises - Brand New Collections for Your Binge-Watching Audience

The New Binge-Watching Trend – The Cult-Following of TV Personalities

Binge-watching is a habit deeply rooted in many of our daily lives and comes in many forms. One might jump on the alluring Grey’s Anatomy bandwagon and finish the series in two weeks on Netflix, or stay home to watch marathon Marvel film reruns broadcasted on TV before the release of the next MCU installment. However, there is also a growing trend of people binge-watching shows of TV personalities, and the value of having a TV product that enables this viewing pattern could be beyond your expectations.

On YouTube, it is common to come across Gordon Ramsay videos on your recommendations. Oftentimes the Gordon Ramsay channel would upload snippets starring this bold cooking personality from different shows. In terms of view count on VOD platforms, lesser-known shows during initial broadcasts like Gordon Behind Bars share the same amount of popularity with internationally-renowned Gordon Ramsay shows like Kitchen Nightmares, easily garnering at least hundreds of thousands of views per video.

This demonstrates that certain TV personalities are able to entice viewers to binge-watch many of their shows when being grouped together (e.g. under the Gordon Ramsay channel umbrella), and repopularize some of their lesser-known shows during the process. For linear and OTT providers, grouping shows by TV personalities could foster the aforementioned TV binge-watching pattern, eventually maximizing the viewing time that the audience spends on your channels and platforms.

Images metadata showing Bear Grylls, Ed Stafford, Ray Mears, Jørgen Skouboe. Reality TV programs and keywords for content universes
Survival & Nature Universe UI


People Franchises – Metadata to Capitalise the New Binge-Watching Trend

So far, we have witnessed the power of TV personalities on YouTube, but rarely on linear and other OTT platforms. There is a huge greenfield for you to build products about franchises centering TV personalities and capitalize on the derived binge-watching behavior. At Simply.TV, we have created people franchises metadata that enables you to create revolutionizing personality-focused TV products.

Our people franchises metadata centers around both international and local personalities with cult followings. We make sure our offerings of people franchises would include personalities from a wide scope of backgrounds, namely food & cooking, survival & nature, traveling, reality, talk-show, and comedy.

How can Simply.TV’s metadata help you launch your personality-focused TV products? To start with, Simply.TV performs grouping of shows by TV personalities and places them under respective umbrellas of people-focused franchises programs. This highlights the linkage between shows starring the same TV personalities, enabling viewers to seamlessly navigate to other shows of their beloved personalities during their binge-watching.

Images metadata on Gordon Ramsay TV programming for linear and OTT providers
Gordon Ramsay - People Franchise UI


Moreover, on a franchise program level, we believe our beautifully curated showcard images could help you capture viewers’ attention on your new TV-personality-focused offerings. On a show level, we also ensure that these TV shows have complete sets of metadata including titles in multiple languages, genres, images, release years, keywords, and more. We have every piece of metadata you need to launch your new TV-personality-focused TV product and stand at the forefront of your competition.

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