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How to boost content discovery with customizable, immersive film collections

What if we told you that we can help you design a space where your viewers can navigate through deep and broad film collections to their liking, with no real effort? Powered by our extensive keywords space, built-in collections are now available to you and your end-users. Not only would you be able to select from a vast number of pre-determined collections, but you would also be able to customize them to your preferences.

User interface showing the metadata of The happytime murders, comedy crime from 2018. Visible data are year of production , genre, country and the description.
User interface showing The happytime murders

Why? We aim to bring inspiring metadata back to you - through transformative technology, we take the impossible and make it possible. With a strong editorial focus on data accuracy and depth, we have created an easy solution for complex film recommendations. No more daydreaming about meeting the industry standards that are constantly raised by closed-catalog streaming services such as Netflix, Viaplay, or Disney+. Here is how we do it:

1. Firstly, keywords are created in the four pre-established categories:

  • Characteristics (descriptive keywords that are indicating what the program is about), moods (indicating the overall feeling that the program is conveying);

  • Setting (indicating where the action is taking place), period (indicating when the action is taking place);

  • Audience (mainly relevant for kids-targeted programs, indicating who the program is catering to);

  • Franchise (indicating whether the program is part of a wider movie collection or not).

2. Secondly, the programs to be tagged are grouped into reports, and assigned to our extensive editorial team.

3. Lastly, the execution of keyword tagging takes place, followed by final quality checks to ensure full alignment of meaningfully linked content.

Complexity is the enemy of execution. This is why we took complicated recommendations and turned them into easily implementable interactive collections for you to experiment with. Taking crime as an example, we have developed film collections for an enhanced content discovery experience. With the implementation of our collections technology, video metadata will never be the same.

TV metadata showcasing collections based on crime & laughter, Dangerous Chase, Call to Darkness, Obscure Murders. Featured movies are: The Heat, Date Night, Killer Elite, Pain & Gain, The Others, The Nun,
User Interface showcasing crime collections

We take feedback from every partner service and constantly re-train our algorithms and ingest our system with new movies and shows. Our data and computation systems are continuously improved for better accuracy, and inspiring metadata is provided to bring joy to you and your viewers.

See for yourself - request a demo today!


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