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How do contextual keywords and descriptors give a competitive advantage in UI, UX, and EPG?

Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between an average, decent, or outstanding user experience? It might seem over-simplistic, but it all comes down to the ability to resonate, connect, and satisfy the curious minds of your viewers by delivering relevant content.


Contextual keyword-tagging plays a critical role in the process of shaping outstanding user experiences. Why? Because they are the foundation of innovating how content is being consumed. Users have no longer the time, nor the patience to go through endless lists of irrelevant programs, and here is how we fix this for you.

At Simply.TV, we take our mission to challenge the status quo very seriously. And so, how could content discovery be revolutionized? Keyword-tagging can be used both for traditional recommendation engines, or they can power something greater. We believe that nothing beats a deep dive into a universe of content that has the capacity to glue your viewers to the edge of their seats. What do we mean by that? We mean contextual, timely, and customizable collections right at your fingertips.

How are contextual collections created? With an effective editorial team, we can ensure the creation, implementation, and execution of virtually any contextual content theme you can dream of. With Easter coming up, our editorial team has put together a number of content carousels to delight your viewers, from the youngest to the oldest.

By enabling universes, advanced discovery is no longer bound to limited recommendations, but to a wide array of content that is linked via deep keyword-tagging. With the possibility to prioritize based on IMDb ratings, you can ensure a seamless, fully-user-powered experience.


To conclude, how are contextual keywords and collections giving you a competitive edge? Universes are not intrusive, users have full control over their personal data and their TV watching experience. Even better, universes give you the boundless possibility to customize your content and ensure that you have access to deep collections of seasonal content - at all times. We care about how data is being created and delivered to you, and we never lose sight of what matters for you, and for us: the end-user experience.

Reach out today to learn more, or to request a demo.

From the Simply.TV team to you - Happy Easter!


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