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The Simply.TV Way Of Building A Transformative Documentary Space

For the first few months of our social distancing new normal, TV consumption has grown rapidly on linear and OTT platforms, ultimately becoming the main source of entertainment for many. To everyone’s surprise, the show that took the world by storm last year was a docuseries. The Netflix true-crime documentary Tiger King garnered over 34 million U.S. viewers within the first 10 days of its release and concluded the year with viewership surpassing hit drama series like The Queen’s Gambit. With knowledge of documentaries growing popular, Simply.TV delves deep into the metadata needed to help you build a transformative documentary space.


Documentary Collections by Interests - Premium Market Offerings

Upon close investigation of the most popular documentary-focused SVOD platforms, we have realized neat compartmentalization of documentaries in the form of collections. Collections may enable more direct responses to viewers' specific documentary interests and derive better documentary recommendations, eventually improving the user experiences of documentary viewers. These documentary collections are divided into three main parameters.

  • Interest Categories: Collections are generally compartmentalized by broad interest categories like nature, history, science, society, sports, etc. They aim to accurately display the content of viewers' interests. There are also deeper collections featuring documentaries of more specific topics and themes, which are sub-categories of the aforementioned broad interest categories.

  • Personality: Famous documentary personalities like David Attenborough are sometimes seen as “seals of approval” for quality documentary content. These collections usually have some degree of the brand effect.

  • Duration: Some collections are determined by the duration of documentaries to suit viewing needs.

With Simply.TV’s documentary keyword metadata, you may easily reform the user experience of your own platform. Relevant characteristic keywords of both broad and deep interest categories are being attached to documentaries in our vast database, including big cinematic productions and long-lived documentary series on Discovery’s flagship channels. By simply choosing a specific theme from our pool of hundreds of characteristic keywords, you can customize documentary collections of any theme and topic. Simply.TV also offers the collections filtering function by documentary credits and duration, which helps you match with the current market offerings.

Metadata images on nature documentaries, metadata images on history documentaries, global coverage of metadata programs

Documentary Collections by Award Nominations - From All-Time Classics to Latest Hits

Other than having the metadata to match with the best market offering, Simply.TV tries to deliver documentary metadata that is unique in the market and make you the documentary space disruptor. Having witnessed the annual phenomenon of award show hype covered by the press and talked about by everyone, we have noticed that documentaries nominated at major award show often gain massive re-exposure as a result. The newly nominated documentaries become highly sought after by viewers during award seasons. At the same time, documentaries that were once nominees for best documentaries have always remained popular due to the quality implications of their award nominations. Consequently, these award-nominated documentaries eventually become all-time classics over time.

Simply.TV, therefore, creates metadata to facilitate the creation of collections that feature these high-profile award-nominated documentaries, which enables your enticement of viewers' attention. Programs nominated by major award shows like the Academy Awards are all tagged with award-related keywords, making the creation of an award-nominated collection extremely easy. You may even combine these award keywords with mentioned documentary interest keywords, ultimately customizing your own collections to feature award-nominated documentaries of a particular theme.


With Simply.TV’s documentary metadata, you are just one step away from building a transformative documentary space that not only matches the current best market offerings but also is ahead of your competitors.


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