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How to enable competitive advantage via highly localized metadata

Simply.TV is democratizing access to market-leading metadata. What does it mean? Allowing OTT providers and TV operators to gain a competitive edge against closed catalog streaming services by enabling access to highly localized metadata products. As streaming services are emerging and developing, viewership has shown a significant increase in accuracy and affinity expectations. Consumers are no longer tolerant of irrelevant recommendations based on mainstream content - but they are hungry for “localized”, market-relevant programming they can resonate with. And so, how can you achieve an effective content localization strategy?


Simply.TV ensures the seamless integration of meaningful local content by focusing on data that truly matters to you, edited by experts who live and breathe local content in your country. The newfound competitive offering is yet again creating an opportunity for differentiating through breakthrough innovations. Not only is Simply.TV enabling you to access top-tier local data, but also advanced metadata products that have been developed to exceed the current market standards. Advanced discovery is no longer limited to blockbusters and top trending international shows but extended to deep local content, fully customizable to meet your users’ viewership preferences.

Localized metadata case-study on the Finnish market

As seen on the short video presentation above, Simply.TV is ensuring a comprehensive metadata product based on deep coverage and consistent core metadata quality - contributing to the creation of clean scrollable content carousels. A no-limits product offering is however powering an advanced discovery that includes some additional features.

Simply.TV’s prime core metadata is complemented by:

  1. Keyword tagging resulting in local content carousels (prioritized based on trending content and general viewership patterns, and adjusted to fit different customer sizes)

  2. Local kids universes including relevant content carousels and local character profiles

  3. Local traditional franchises, and local people franchises

  4. On-request customizable products to fit your unique needs.

Keyword tagging & local content carrousels

Content Carousels showing TV metadata for the Finnish market, Finnish movies metadata

Rethinking how content recommendations should work, Simply.TV keywords & collections are challenging the traditional industry conventions. Ethical, non-intrusive, and completely customizable, these content universes are ensuring immersive user experiences where (trending) local content is key. While giving your platform an auxiliary content display alternative through built-in universes, our keywords and collections technology can either serve as a stand-alone product or enhance your already existing recommendations engine. Additionally, these content universes can ultimately be prioritized based on time-bound relevance and customized to fit your platform’s size - regardless of your content’s depth and breadth.

Local kids product

Kids universe metadata for the Finnish market, where content carousels and kids characters metadata are shown

User navigation becomes significantly more impactful when it comes to your youngest viewers - entertaining, visually appealing and age-differentiated content is key in creating a safe space to navigate, learn, and explore. Due to the need for easily comprehensible content, using characters is a known practice to engage with the little ones - what is different in Simply.TV’s kids’ metadata product offering is that the characters are prioritized and showcased locally. Moreover, content carousels are constantly being designed at a lightning speed to match the fast-changing user viewership tendencies - completely customizable and adjustable to your content offering.

Local franchises

Finnish celebrities metadata showing reality tv franchise collections
Local People Franchise Sample, Tomi Björck
Local metadata for the Finnish market, showcasing local franchise Kummeli and a series of film collections
Traditional Local Franchise, Kummeli

As binge-watching is becoming more popular, and in the context of a general need for local content, Simply.TV’s franchises are bringing you the best of both worlds. Whether it is navigating through traditional franchises, or following up on a local figure your viewers admire, our franchise product enables new ways of designing content discovery to keep your users engaged.

On-request customizable products to fit your unique needs

Simply.TV is creating strong partnerships based on mutual trust and full transparency. Driven by virtually unlimited technology flexibility, products are consistently created and designed to answer your viewers’ unique preferences - be it by creating new ways of displaying data or reinventing old ones, the pursuit of innovative breakthrough is everlasting.


Metadata is inspiring, and by consistently reinventing how it is being designed, structured, and delivered, Simply.TV is challenging the industry’s status quo. Advocating equal rights to outstanding data with full dedication to customer success is the foundation for creating sustainable metadata products. The only real constant is change, and we are actively seeking partners to join us on our journey to discover new innovative ways to create it.


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