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6 Inspiring Ways to Celebrate Global Movie Day

The second Saturday in February is a day worth marking down in your calendar - the Global Movie Day calls for some serious "you-time". How do we make sure your viewers make the most out of this little-known, yet highly important holiday? We link programs in creative ways, we turn rusty conventions upside down and we make sure that meaningful products are getting delivered to you. Our goal? To give you the power to inspire and connect people around the world.

Compilation of images metadata on Soul, Disney production from 2020, Godzilla King of the Monsters, production from Legendary Pictures, 2019 and Eddie the Eagle, production from Marv Films, 2016.
Soul (Disney, 2020), Godzilla King of the Monsters (Legendary Pictures, 2019), and Eddie the Eagle (Marv Films, 2016)


Here is a list of inspiring ways to celebrate Global Movie Day together with your viewers, created, polished, and vigorously typed by Miroslava Gemelová :

1. Go Down the Memory Lane

Do you remember the kids' movie you were anticipating for so long as a child and then continued pretending you are the main character when playing with your friends? Or the movie you went to see on the first date with your soon-to-become wife? Bring yourself back to those nostalgic times by rewatching the movies closest to your heart.

2. Inspire by Sharing Movie Lines and Pictures

Do you remember that one movie line that got stuck in your brain and transformed your perception of life or the world around you? Share it with your friends to make them experience the same!

3. Have a Movie Marathon

Ready to indulge in some serious movie binge-watching? Our suggestion - a movie marathon. Some good examples are Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars. Whichever you choose, make sure not to skip a sequel for an even deeper dive-in into the story. Pro tip: you can even make a thematic food based on the movie!

4. Prep your Lovie List for 2021

Does it ever feel like you are spending more time searching for a movie than actually watching it? Say no more. Deep-dive into relevant universes that make sense for you - be it animation, action, romance, or crime. Once you found what interests you, jot them down on your movie bucket list.

5. Travel without Leaving your Living-room

We are beyond fortunate to live in times where even though our "free movement" might be restricted, we can virtually travel wherever we want, whenever we want with whomever we want (literally). What do we mean? Discover or rediscover the world through insightful movies, shows, or documentaries - Paris at night, Times Square in the fall, or ancient China at its best, everything is possible.

6. Covid-friendly Movie Night

We understand that due to the world situation right now it might be problematic to organize movie nights with your loved ones. If you happen to be far away from each other but still would like to give the event a try in a virtual way, you can host a Movie Watching party, which allows you to simultaneously watch a movie and chat with your friends about the scenes in real-time. Distance has never felt closer.


Celebrations are a big part of our lives and learning to make time for what matters is an important skill to master. Remember the movies – they inspire us, they push us to grow, and provide us with role models we look up to throughout our lives. For these and many other reasons, we should not miss out on celebrating another Global Movie Day. Happy watching!


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